Somerset County Arts Council

Serving Somerset County, Maryland

About our Grants

The Somerset County Arts Council Grants Committee offers two different grants.  The Community Arts Development Grant and the Individual Artist Grant.  

For Fiscal year 2021, the Arts Council awarded a total of $45,718 to the local community and local artists. For our Community Arts Development Grants a few of the following local organizations received grants from us: 

Crisfield Heritage Foundation 

UMES Mosely Gallery

Brown Box Theater Group

Somerset County Historical Society

Somerset County Library System

We have a rolling grant schedule, so because of this:

Please give us around 45 days to respond to any grant applications. This give us time to discuss with the Board, ask questions, and speak to the applicant.

Community Arts Development (CAD) Grant

The Somerset County Arts Council's Community Arts Development Grant Program is designed to assist non-profit organizations to produce and present arts activities of all art forms in Somerset County. These are funded and supported by the Maryland State Arts Council. Applying organizations may request up to $3000. This grant much be matched a 1 to1. If you have questions about the match, please email us before you apply.


Community Art Development Grant App

Individual Artist Grant

The Arts Council provides an Individual Artist Grant to artists residing in Somerset County. Artists who apply may request up to $1,000.



Individual Artist Grant

How to apply

Requirements for Somerset County Arts Council Grants

1.  Proposed project must be sponsored or presented by a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated in Maryland, or a government related organization, such as a school or parks and recreation department, located in Somerset County.  Out of county sponsors will be considered if the project occurs in Somerset County.

2.  Projects already completed will not be considered.

3.  Project must be open to the public, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or age.

4.  Site of project must be accessible to persons with disabilities.

5.  Grants must be matched on a 2 for 1 basis by your organization funds.  Earned income from the project and other grant (not MSAC) money may be used.  Donated goods may not constitute part of the match. Grant funds awarded may be less than your request.  In the event of cancellation, grant funds received must be returned.

6.  Grantee must notify Somerset County Arts Council, in writing, of any major change in the project as described in the grant application.  If a project is rescheduled to a date outside of the grant period, the grant is cancelled, a new application is required, and grant funds received must be returned.

7.  Grantee must supply Somerset County Arts Council with four (4) complimentary tickets to the project.

8.  Credit for the grant must be given to the Somerset County Arts Council and the Maryland State Arts Council in all brochures, programs, public service announcements, press releases, and advertising.  Logo of the Somerset County Arts Council must be included in all promotional printed materials.  Failure to acknowledge the Councils as a funding source will disqualify future requests.

9.  A final report, (including two photographs, copies of brochures, programs, public service announcements, press releases, and advertising) sent to Caitlin Kilby, Executive Director, Somerset County Arts Council, 1100 W Main St, Crisfield, MD 21817, must be completed and returned within 30 days after the completion of the project.  If the project takes place in June or the project is ongoing, the report is due no later than June 30th.  Future grant requests will not be considered until final reports are received.

10.  Grantee is strongly encouraged to become a member of the Arts Council.  An application is available online at or by calling 410-968-2787.

Restrictions for Somerset County Arts Council Grants

1.  Grants may not be used for capital improvements, construction, renovations, general operating expenses, social functions, parties or receptions.

2.  Grants may not be used to fund a project whose sole purpose is to raise funds for the sponsoring organization beyond the cost of the event.

3.  Grants may not be used to promote any political or religious outlook, or which proselytize any political, religious belief or action.

Application Instructions

1.  Applications must strictly adhere to deadlines.

2.  Application should be Typed or Printed Clearly.

3.  All portions of the form should be completed and all figures clearly totaled.

4.  Applications may be sent by emailing or mailed to Somerset County Arts Council, 1100 W Main St, Crisfield, MD 21817.

5.  Grantee is requested to add Somerset County Arts Council to its mailing list.

6.  A verbal presentation to the Grants Review Committee may also be required.

Application Procedure and Deadlines

1.  Grants may be made for projects occurring July 1 through June 30.  We currently are working with a rolling grant schedule.

2.  Applications and attachments must be received in our office at least 60 days PRIOR to event. Grant submissions take up to 4 weeks to process.

Grant Request Review Procedure

  1. Grant requests will be reviewed by the Executive Director and then submitted to the Grants Review Committee.
  2. This Committee should be ‘experts’ in various disciplines and able to read a budget.
  1. There should be at least four people (more if you have a large number of applications).  Executive Director will present the grant applications to the committee. If needed, the Executive Director will plan a meeting with the grant committee and the grant applicant to discuss in more detail their event.
  1. Members of the committee should evaluate each applicant on established criteria and, after discussion, recommendations should be made for funding and presented to the Board for approval.
  2. You will receive a letter stating the Board of Directors decision approximately one month after the application submission deadline.
  3. Criteria:  The Grants Review Committee uses the following criteria when evaluating grant requests.
  1. Financial Need:  Are grant funds truly needed, or can this program support itself?
  1.  Artistic Merit:  Does this program enhance the cultural activities of the area?
  1.  Financial feasibility of the project:  Is the organization financially viable and the project realistically projected in the budget?
  1.  Service to the Community.


Older versions of Application Form will not be considered