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The City of Crisfield and the Crisfield Arts & Entertainment District Project (CAED Project) would like to thank everyone who made this happen! Including the Somerset County Commissioners for passing tax incentives that allowed Crisfield to apply for an A & E District. The Crisfield City Council also passed a resolution that will allow tax incentives for an A & E District.


If you would like to help this effort, or would like to submit comments, please email

Please complete this registry if you are interested in participating in events in a potential Arts and Entertainment (A & E) District for Crisfield, or if you are an artist who lives in or near Crisfield.

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Please consider registering at the Maryland State Arts Council Registry as. If you will be applying for tax incentives as an artist, you must register with the Maryland State Arts Council.

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Thank you for participating in the Artist Registry for the Crisfield Arts and Entertainment District!

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